Kaikoura Region Guide

Discovered in 1770 by Captain Cook, Kaikoura is located in the Marlborough region in the northeast of South Island.
It is halfway between Christchurch and Picton approx 3 hours drive north of Christchurch.

Kaikoura literally means Kai- food, koura –crayfish, be sure to try one freshly caught and sold along the coastal road or in the local restaurants in town.

Fur seals once hunted almost to extinction now lounge on the rocks just metres from the shore, watch them close up basking in the late afternoon sun.

Hectors dolphins frolic in the sea within site of the town while a few kilometres further out giant sperm whales haunt the depths. The emphasis is conservation of all marine life, you can observe the marine life close up by going out on one of the popular Whale watching Boat tours. 

Gateway to the southern Oceans Marine Mammal Sanctuary, Kaikoura is one of those rare places where you can see Whales, dolphins, seals, albatross, penguins and ocean birds in a single day.

Holiday Accommodation available in Kaikoura

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