Why use Newzealandstays?

We have generated $4187430 worth of potential bookings for our customers

Newzealandstays was evolved by our software engineers, developed by gradual changes, with the guidance and grievances from well traveled friends and accommodation owners frustrated by the lack of easy to use accommodation websites available, almost all were badly designed or expensive to join with little or no bookings for their money so we decided to create Newzealandstays, easy to use but most importantly for the accommodation owners... affordable!

When we designed the website we wanted to keep things as simple as possible by offering many features for your listing for a standard low fixed price, so that's what we have done, no commission payable and all your bookings go directly to you via your contact details - email, telephone or your website.

What listing features do I get for my money?

If you have tried other accommodation websites you have probably found some of them a bit confusing with so many listing options to choose from, for example :- gold listings, standard listings, incentives and promises to show your listing higher up the page and many others.

Well we decided to make things much simpler for everyone. By listing your accommodation with us you get all the following features as standard for a fixed low price.

  • Full page listing dedicated just to your accommodation
  • Up to 4 photos per listing
  • A link to your existing website if you have one (This also helps increase traffic to your own website)
  • Unlimited bookings (We don't take any commission)
  • We promote your property 24 hours a day
  • Easy to use "members area" to update/edit your listing details
  • All this for a Low cost of just NZD $49 per year
  • View listing stats in your members area, these include the number of hits your listing gets
  • All enquiries are emailed to you and stored in your members area for you to access.
  • Appear as Accommodation of the Week on our Home Page

Listing Example

Our listing positioning fair play policy

Our fair play policy is simple, you obviously want your accommodation to be one the first shown in the list of search results, well we don't charge you extra to be top of the list like some other sites do, instead we have designed our site to display listings on a rotational basis.

What does this mean?

It means that once a week the listing display order changes so that each accommodation will be top of the search results at some point, we think this makes it fair for everyone and best of all it doesn't cost you anything extra.

Premium Accommodation Listing

If the standard listings aren't enough for you then you may be interested in our optional Premium Listing, this has been added due to requests from some of our customers

Premium listings will ensure your accommodation will stand out from the rest and always show in the top three search results for your region/towns, but with only three spots per region available, spaces are limited, you can request this option from your members area where you edit/update your listings

  • Cost: Additional NZD $150 per year

Premium Listing Example

Which types of payment do you accept?

We accept three forms of payment, see our brief summary below, but full details can be found from your members area

  • By Credit/Debit Card: We use Paypal to process these payments
  • By Cheque
  • By Bank Deposit

List Accommodation

"We have recently joined New Zealand Stays I asked them a couple of questions and we were most impressed by their speed of reply and their helpfulness. I am not very au fait with computers( particularly sending photos) and I asked them if they could help set us up and they agreed."

"I felt supported with our new venture as it was only two days before we were live. The team at New Zealand Stays is very efficient and they answer your questions quickly and in a supportive fashion. That was important to me cos they did not highlight my computer naivety. We figured $49 is not much for a year so we have decided to join up and I am sure we will prosper for doing so."

"Thank you to the team at New Zealand Stays from Ashande Retreat"